Why The Baynards in Notting Hill

The Baynards is an exclusive, upmarket development situated in the beautiful vibrant suburb of Notting Hill. Our apartments offer an open-plan aesthetic; all are well-appointed, luxuriously finished with an attention to detail that creates a welcoming, stylish modern home.

Redeveloped from a historic Victorian building in a fusion of the crisp modern and an elegant past, The Baynards features an award-winning garden, a private gym, 24-hour concierge, onsite management and disability access to most areas.

But the style of The Baynards goes beyond the simple aesthetic. Its proximity to central London, its situation in varied Notting Hill, its management and facilities create a distinctive, unique fusion. Taken together, The Baynards offers a lifestyle that is effortless, with space for both tranquillity and culture, while at the same time encouraging your well-being and peace of mind. Urban living at its best.

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The Baynards apartments are stylish, yet relaxed.

Style is the smooth line that connects one to another. Style is the luxury finish everywhere you look. Style is attention to detail. Style is a building with a rich and interesting history. Style is how each aspect, each inch, every part has been created for the whole. Style is about how we live.

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Our ApartmentsOur History

The famous stone frontage of The Baynards dates back to Victorian times when the building was a world famous fashion house.
With large windows and natural light, The Baynards is urban living at its best.

“The Baynards is an amazing place to live, it’s so nice to be in the heart of London. I feel very secure and well looked after here. I hope to be in The Baynards for years to come.”

a resident at The Baynards


Effortless is feeling like there is nothing between where you are and where you want to be. Effortless is feeling you can walk out of the door and immediately into work. Effortless is not spending hours on platforms and crowded trains. Effortless is because everything you need is around you. Effortless feels easy but is hard to find.

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Location, Local Area, Transport

The world famous City of London (London's CBD) is only 30 minutes away from The Baynards.
The iconic palace of Westminster can be reached in less than 30 minutes from The Baynards.
Oxford Street, the retail centre of London is only 20 minutes from The Baynards by foot and tube.


The serpentine, (the beautiful, serpent shaped lake in the centre of Hyde Park) is close by to The Baynards in Notting Hill.

Tranquillity is to be free of disturbance because someone else has it sorted. Tranquillity is to have a beautiful garden continually at your disposal but not to have to do the gardening. Tranquillity is to sit amongst the trees of Holland park or Kensington Gardens and forget London exists. Or to sit in the open spaces of Hyde Park and watch dogs frolic. Tranquillity is to feel at home.

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Communal Garden, Parks,
Onsite Management

The leafy woods of Holland Park are 15 minutes from the doorstep of The Baynards.
Enjoy some quiet time in The Baynards award winning private garden.

“The Baynards is a special place. Location, location, location is always important but The Baynards special place in our lives is due to the human touch and the professionalism of those who work there. Always a joy to come home.”

a resident at The Baynards


Notting Hill carnival happens at the end of August right outside of The Baynards shiny doors.

Culture is watching the second biggest carnival on the planet. Culture is meeting your best friends at an excellent local restaurant. Culture is finding a treasure at a Portobello Road antique market. Culture is joining a drumming class around the corner. Culture is seeing a show at the local theatre. Culture is our connection to everyone around us.

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Dining Out, Shopping, The Arts,
The Notting Hill Carnival

Portobello Market, just 5 minutes from The Baynards, Notting Hill Apartements
Notting Hill is full of quality bars and restaurants minutes from The Baynards.


Well-being is going for a run in the biggest park in central London and taking only 5 minutes to jog to the park gates. Well-being is going to the private gym, just two floors down from your home. Well-being is walking the dog in a beautiful open space. Well-being is knowing you can charge your new electric car overnight. Well-being is living a long and happy life.

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Private Gym, Parks,
Dining Out, EV Charging

Give yourself some you-time at The Baynards private gym.
Hyde Park, central London's biggest park is just a few minutes jog away, (or 10 minutes walk if you prefer). Live healthily at The Baynards.
Meditate in the parks around The Baynards Notting Hill Apartments

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is not worrying about your parked car. Peace of mind is knowing that you’re unlikely to be burgled. Peace of mind is not having to cut the grass, clean the gutters or needing to find an odd-job man. Peace of mind is knowing you can use your mobility scooter or wheelchair. Peace of mind is knowing you are secure when you go to bed. Peace of mind is important.

more Peace of Mind at The Baynards:
Secure Private Parking, Disability Access,
24/7 Concierge, Onsite Management

The Baynards can install electric vehicle (EV) charging point in your parking bay (if there's not already one). Save money and have piece of mind.
The concierges are available 24/7 for help or advice. We're always here to help you at The Baynards.
The management team is onsite most working days. We're here to help at The Baynards